Unity or Division

Our task here is to BE LOVE.  In easy times, bringing the best version of ourselves to every situation can be, at times, challenging.  During times of conflict and chaos, it is ESSENTIAL.  Amazing growth is possible now due to this challenge.  So, let’s take a quick look at the political scene in the USA right now.

Whenever you hear a person in power working to “other” some group with less political power, take note and be aware.  People of color, immigrants, laborers, women, LGBTQ community, Muslims… all of these groups have less political power in this country than the ruling class of the wealthy.

Division is a tool of autocrats, racists, authoritarians and dictators, and the saddest thing is to realize that human beings are quite vulnerable to this tactic.  There is a reason many authoritarians work to undermine education and fight against critical thinking: Our UNITY is our strength.

And as Unity is our strength, those who want power over others work hard to break up that Unity by Division.

For example, there are many groups of humans who are already pre-programmed to accept with unquestioning obedience, the words of their religious leaders.  And when these “religious leaders” are actually just grifters hoping to increase their own wealth and power, they align with the dividers, echoing their message of cruelty and division..

Another tool of authoritarian “leaders” is to use mass media.  Today in the USA, there is a gigantic right-wing media presence that exists solely as a propaganda tool working to end democracy.  The viewers have been programmed to accept whatever is told to them by “presenters” who tell lies and half-truths 24/7.  This media, again, depends upon a certain cohort of their viewers to take violent action.

Stochastic terror allows the power behind the violence to deny responsibility. Right wing “preachers” were just “discussing” how evil everyone but them are.  Talking heads were “just asking questions”.  And the misguided perpetrator is considered a “lone wolf” instead of part of an invisible army of brainwashed minions, chipping away at our democratic norms.

Violence is the tool of authoritarianism and fascism.  Violent laws that harm the powerless.  Cruel cuts that harm the vulnerable.  Disempowerment of voting rights. Guns placed in the hands of unstable individuals whose aright-wing consumption inspires them to violent action.  All of these tried and true tactics are being used against the people of this USA and democracy right now.

History shows us how well these tactics work.

It’s a sad fact that we, the consciousness community, cannot ignore.  Our task is to be conscious, loving, unifying, and supportive.  We resolve to be the very best versions of ourselves, but in such trying circumstances, we will stumble sometimes. That’s OK!  We crawl before we can walk.  Be kind to yourself, do your best,  and learn from each stumble.

Division and thinly-veiled praise of violence against one disempowered group or another is inevitably also a call to violence. When you see an authority figure targeting “others”, realize that this toxic person can, and will, use stochastic terror to their advantage.

To be aware of this threat and to remain in LOVE, and not descent into hatred or hostility can be understandably challenging.  For those of us who prefer to live in a multi-cultural, beautiful, just, secular  democracy, it can be especially challenging to remain loving and centered while feeling under attack — but its essential.

How do we respond with love to cruelty and threats?  How do we stay in compassion when faced with violence?  To watch the freedoms we may have taken for granted be stripped away is not easy! Anger and fear are completely normal responses…

Yet, look within – times of great challenge are also times of incredible growth and potential.   

Can you feel compassion for someone hurling racial epitaphs and threatening to harm others? Perhaps this person was abused as a child and raised without love.  Can you see a hateful wanna-be dictator as a broken human instead of an enemy?  Can you see brainwashed minions robotically repeating right-wing talking points verbatim,  and yet remain in love?  Can you help protect your vulnerable neighbors and friends with a bigger-than-ever compassionate heart?

Well, remember this: if you have incarnated on this planet at this time of massive change in climate as well as a global anti-democracy movement, your energy is NECESSARY.  You are a vital part of this time, and your ability to bring the best, most loving version of yourself to every encounter, is essential.

You are helping spread love and kindness to the world.  Each tiny seed you plant will grow.  Each kind gesture, every bit of love you share, is essential.  Every bit of your love and unity is essential

YOU are essential. Don’t beat yourself up for an imperfect response; instead use each moment to reflect upon your reactions — and next time, set your intention to take loving action instead of react.  Do this consistently and you will see genuine change within yourself and in your world.

The ancient blessing, “may you live in uninteresting times” does not apply to our times today.  But we are here for a reason — a LOVE REVOLUTION is GROWING.

And YOU are an essential part of that revolution.


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