Karmic Relationship Coaching

Much of our lives consist of relationship. Many of our greatest joys and some of our greatest frustrations come from our relationships to others. And the quality of our relationships can have a huge impact upon the quality of our lives.
In traditional relationship counseling, parties air their grievances and frustrations with a counselor, and are helped to adopt healthier communication and behavioral techniques. This can be really helpful - often a lifesaver for a relationship.
Expressing more love and support is always the most healthy way to achieve a better relationship, but sometimes we really need to understand the deeper factors between parties - like karmic patterns from other realities.

If you're on a consciousness journey or spiritual path - even if you're not "into" traditional reincarnation theory, you might find that a relationship coach who takes your karmic connections into account provides the missing element in your understanding of your relationships.
We'll look at the karmic astrological aspects for all parties and take that into account while finding more effective and loving ways of connecting. Understanding the karmic motivations for relationships can be unbelievably helpful.