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Kianna Scarlet LeVay, Harmony Intuitive

I am feeling so much more relaxed and centered, and I am still releasing stress the following day.  Kianna is an exceptional sound healer and gracious counselor.
~Tami C.
The atmosphere you created in the session was serene and welcoming.  During the sound portion, I immediately felt all the stress go out of my body...
~Nancy G.
From the first session I felt such intense love ..She creates this amazing energy of love and calm, serenity and healing...
~Janice T.
I suffer from chronic headaches, depression and generalized body pain...I wake up with pain and stiffness. After my first tuning fork balancine session I was surprised that I woke for the first time in months feeling much better...refreshed.
~Steven B.
We are getting along much better and are able to communicate without blame and anger. Thank you so much for all you've done for us! (divorced couple, co-parenting)
~Andrea S.
I feel very fortunate to work with someone as gracious, genuine and warm as Kianna.  She makes spiritual principals easy to understand and impliment, and is amazingly patient. Her combined psychological understanding with metaphysical teachings is truly effective.
~Nicole T.
I found the sound meditation healing so helpful...the sounds of her voice and the instruments and bowls vibrated away my stress and tension,and left me feeling relaxed and energised at the same time.
~Paul W.
I initially contacted Kianna for a tarot reading, but what I got was so much more! She gently made me aware of my self-destructive patterns in relationships…I now have a loving life coach and trusted confidant…
~ Lynda T.
Working with you has opened up a new way of honest communication between us… This is something I didn’t think could ever happen from where we were. My son is no longer withdrawn and our relationship has changed so much for the better.(family counseling)
~ Maria G.
You are a wonderful teacher, healer and have a unique way of making those ethereal connections happen!  I love you and who you are.  You’ve made such a difference in my life.
~ Victoria M.
…she creates a safe serene space and you feel protected, accepted and loved during the entire session. Never any judgement, just grace.
~ Cathy W.
My sessions always seem to flow by very quickly...I look forward to relaxing  on your table and enjoy the feeling of atunement, ... I feel loved and rebalanced during the work and am always left with gratitude for your healing and intuition. - Katherine G.