Karmic Astrology

Astrology can be thought of as a helpful “manual” for your life path, showing what gifts you brought with you into this reality, as well as the lessons or challenges you intended to face. In addition karmic patterns can become clear through the reading of your natal chart, as well as potential karmic relationships that may be either joyous or require resolution.

These sessions require that you've already ordered a Karmic Astrology package. We'll dive deep into your astrological profile and unique lessons, challenges and gifts. We'll discuss your karmic patterns and explore ways to release "stuck" energies. We can explore the evolution of your spirit through multiple lifetimes, choices you have made, soul contracts you may have agreed to, connections and relationships that carry a karmic signature, and soul groups with whom you continually reincarnate.

Many clients find that a session or two help them to gain insight and embrace their gifts. We may use a variety of intuitive tools to gain clarity on further questions about your life, relationships, and patterns, with a focus on your larger soul journey.