Types of Sessions

Using a blend of compassionate counseling techniques, empathetic intuition, and traditional spiritual tools, my goal is to always to empower you. You absolutely deserve to create the life of your dreams, to be inspired, and to thrive. Every session is based upon you and your needs – therefore each session may be somewhat unique.

(And if you are a regular client, you know that with each session we do much more “deep diving”… this is where things get really good!)

Sessions can address a variety of situations. For example, lots of sessions begin with as a simple tarot reading about a relationship question. You might want a reading on whether a specific partner is a good choice. But this session might lead into much deeper waters: Why are you attracted to this person? Do you have a pattern? If so, does it serve your highest good? Where did the pattern come from? Is it from your childhood, or perhaps is it Karmic in nature? What can you learn about yourself by exploring this? Does this pattern serve you, or is it time to let it go?

See how much fun and understanding we might get into? That’s the beauty of multiple sessions, and of using multiple techniques to explore the amazing, uniqueness that is YOU!