Entheogenic Journeys: Preparation & Integration

Entheogens are the basis of all shamanism and have been accredited with the creations of all spiritual practices throughout history. These are substances which allow the "veils" to be lifted, which can bring clarity and a sense of wonder and purpose. Yet, many who are on a spiritual path don't take advantage of this amazing gift from the Universe. Our society belittles or fears such experiences. Without a generation of "elders" to guide us, some who experiment with entheogenic substances are confused by the experience, rather than enlightened.

I am an entheogenic elder. I have conducted entheogenic sessions of many types over the past 4 decades, both alone and with traditional indigenous shaman. As an experienced shamanic entheogenic guide, I can help you to design and experience a more meaningful journey, and follow up with you to help identify and integrate the lessons learned into your regular waking consciousness.  I can help you get the most out of your entheogenic journey.

Set and setting can "make or break" your experience.  For your journey, I will help you design the perfect atmosphere to allow you to have the most enlightening and expansive experience. Afterwards, together we'll identify the biggest lessons learned, and then realize ways to integrate these lessons into your life. We can do some deep dives together and really get to the heart of what the Universe is speaking to you right now.

Due to the lack of elder guides and societal support, entheogenic journeys are not for everyone in this particular culture. If you are just considering spiritual entheogenic journeys, or have experimented before and had limited results, I can help you decide if this path is calling to you now.