The Fruits of Walking Your Path

The Fruits of Walking Your Path

Your path is unique, tailored to you and shaped by your circumstances and karma... yet there are results that we all share as human beings.  I've been honored to watch my clients become more at peace, more understanding, more grateful, and more joyful. 

These are the very traits that each of us -- indeed our entire species -- needs to cultivate and let blossom as we go forward.  These are the fruits of following your path with intention... and they're not an "end" result.  They're just some of the gifts we acqire as we continue to consciously walk our path. 

What might a more evolved human be like? Classical Hinduism gives us some ideas with this list of some results of expanded consciousness:

  • increased personal power
  • increased understanding and insight
  • improvement of life
  • accelerated learning
  • transcendence
  • liberation from ego and space time limits
  • attainment of " mystical union" - pure experience.

In contemporary psychological terms:

" We become larger, greater, stronger, bigger, taller people, and tend to perceive accordingly...this is another way of becoming 'godlike'...we, too, out of Universal understanding would never blame or condemn, or be disappointed or shocked. Our only possible emotions would be pity, charity, kindliness, perhaps sadness or amusement...In the peak experience, such emotions as wonder, awe, reverence, humility, surrender, and even worship before the greatness of the experience are often reported." - Dr. Abraham Maslow

These are the "fruits' of walking your path with intention; you're moving forward.... in Conscious Evolution.