Sound Healing & Chakra Balancing

Sound healing (or balancing) is a safe, non-invasive, powerful catalyst for personal evolution, spiritual growth and even physical healing.

I will generally use tuning forks to discover and restore "stuck" energy that has become misaligned through stress. Sound balancing removes the "charge" from pain and/or trauma experienced in your life. The restoration of such "stuck" energy, or "soul fragments" can make a remarkable change in the way you experience your life allowing your natural joy and creativity to be set free.

As we rebalance your chakra energy centers, you will feel more aligned and attuned to the Unified Energy Field. This allows you to be more fully present, living in the NOW, so that you can respond rather than react.

My technique uses tuning forks and generally also some chanting, singing and other instrumentations, as well as Reiki energy work, depending upon the requirements of the session.

After a few sessions, and depending upon the needs/wishes of the client, we may use the last 15 minutes of a session to introduce songs written and recorded in my studio specifically for our SoulSurround™ Musical experience. These songs are recorded with different techniques designed to activate energy centers and enhance Theta brainwaves. SoulSurround™ recordings incorporate techniques such as binaural beats, 432 (love) tuning, Sanskrit chants, nature sounds, and diverse instrumentation.
These recordings are mixed in such a way as to place the listener inside the music to maximize the effects.

My goal for each session is to create a safe and nurturiing space in which to realign and balance your energy, thus opening up your connection to the unlimited Universal energy.

Results often include a more positive outlook, reduction of stress and anxiety, expanded personal expression, increased creativity and sense of connection.

“See deep enough, and you see musically;
the heart of Nature being everywhere music,
if you can only reach it.”
—Thomas Carlyle