Conscious Evolution Is Calling

We are in a time of unprecedented global crisis: environmental, political and social. What does this mean for those of us who walk the path of expanded consciousness?  And how can we rediscover our Joy?

I know a lot of my clients are feeling overwhelmed with the political coup that has recently taken place in the United States.  The national stress we feel in the air right now can only be described as similar to what the nation felt in the aftermath of 9/11.  Many feel as though a death has occurred: the death of Democracy.  With about 29% of the votes, a new regime has been installed, leaving the majority in crisis.

And for those of us in the spiritual and healing professions,  our task is to act as guides, while at the same time, not sugar-coating what is happening.  It's easy to say "everything happens for a reason", but with upheaval this severe, and at this specific time in history, let us remember that we chose to be here in this place, at this time.  The stage is set for our species to Evolve... or Dissolve.

You are an infinite being, experiencing life as a human.  You chose to be here, NOW.  We were born for this moment.  Our society, and many species - ours among them - are in crisis.  It is time for us to make some big choices.  

During times of crisis, species and societies tend to either become chaotic and move towards extinction -- OR, they can be rapidly spurred to adapt and evolve towards a more complex, higher order. As human expressions of Universal Consciousness, the outcome depends upon our choices right now.  We can choose to move in Conscious Evolution, towards creation of a new species: Universal Humanity.

The advent of radical evolutionary technologies such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, quantum computing, space exploration, etc., offer us the possibility of profound change in the physical world. At the same time that we are facing the possible destruction of our life support systems, we can also see that the tools are there to transform ourselves, our bodies and our world. We can and are actually moving beyond the creature human condition toward a new species, a universal humanity, capable of coevolving with nature. ~ Barbara Marx Hubbard

On the practical level, now, more than ever:

Self-Care is Vital. Nurture yourself physically and spiritually.  Eat as consciously as you can.  Sleep well. Exercize. Breathe deeply.  Be creative.  Keep your energy moving.

Meditation is vital.  It has never  been more important for you to take a few minutes for yourself every day. Recharge your "spiritual batteries" so that you can help your loved ones go through this time.

Compassion is vital.  Love is vital. Take care of each other. Don't buy into the efforts to divide us; even those who support fascist regimes are worthy of compassion.  Sometimes they've been manipulated by lies, or are coming from deeply held prejudices.  Don't excuse them, but don't  ever hate them either.

Vision is vital. Imagine the new world you want to see, and follow your heart to the actions you feel led to take.  Will you work to clean our environment, save wildlife, or work to restore democracy?  Will you stand up for those who may be attacked by members of the regime?  Will you stand up for love?  Perhaps you'll feel led to peaceful demonstrations.  Perhaps you'll write.  Perhaps you'll shelter immigrants.  Whatever you do, do it from a place of consciousness and love.

Community is Vital.  Nurture yourselves and your loved ones, and envision a society built upon justice, compassion, and equality.  Imagine a society that honors our home planet as a part of One beautiful Universe.  Imagine a society where any governing individuals would be the most honorable, wise, and kind members, chosen in a truly democratic system.  Take action in love to help create this new society.  Now is not a time to sit at the sidelines.

Conscious Evolution beckons to us, holding the promise of an exciting new way to be an expression of Universal Consciousness in human form.  Imagine what awakenings we can achieve once a society is born that supports -- rather than undermines -- consciousness.  As a limitless being, you deserve nothing less than a society designed by and for limitless beings: a society that honors and encourages the gifts and creative expression of each individual.


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