Are you ready to use psychedelic medicines?

Magic mushroom, sacred geometry, mind expandPsychedelics, especially “plant medicines” are having their moment,again, at long last!  As a person who has utilized these sacred substances for decades, I am understandably enthusiastic. Those of us who use these medicines in a sacred manner are finally able to “come out of the closet”!

Despite their current precarious legal status, psychologists and biologists have joined with experienced psychonauts in hailing this new renaissance.  I am among those who are delighted with the potential expansion and healings that such tools can provide.

Yes, psychedelics are a wonderful, indescribable consciousness tool, but to achieve the most effective results, most of us recommend preliminary self-assessment, honesty, and potentially, a bit of introspective work.

To meet this need,  I have added pre-journey evaluation and a series of 3-5 sessions for deep self awareness and education.  As a practitioner and as a guide, I am here to help you prepare for possibly the most effective journey of your life.

Are you ready for psychedelics?  Contact me and let’s dive deep together to allow you to have the most powerful, amazing journeys!


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