How Tarot Works

Tarot cards have a long and rich legacy of beautiful, multifaceted spiritual artwork and symbolism. The symbolic images on tarot cards speak to our spiritual awareness, and often work similar to dreams, bringing our patterns and choices to our conscious mind.

Having been a tarot reader for over 35 years, I find them to be an indispensable tool for understanding complex situations and energies. Readings are either conducted in person, in which case you would physically shuffle the cards, or via long distance using Skype. I am adept at channeling your energy into the tarot cards from a distance and have been doing distance readings for over three decades.

The cards don’t tell you the future; instead they show you the path you’re on, and what likely scenarios will result from your choices today. Yet you always have free will, and can change the path you’re on if you choose to do so.

Another, more expanded use of tarot has to do with the bigger picture of your own spiritual evolution. Yes, they can be used to help you decide which potential partner is a better match — but you can get so much more from the cards! We can explore the evolution of your spirit through multiple lifetimes, choices you have made, soul contracts you may have agreed to, connections and relationships that carry a karmic signature, and soul groups with whom you continually reincarnate.

The cards can also represent our species as a whole, our evolution, what we as a species are learning now and where we are headed. The choice, as always, is yours. You can have a reading looking at life from any of a myriad of perspectives, and the cards will always be faithful tools.

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