You Are The Universe

You are the Universe, expressing and experiencing Itself in the form of a human being.   Close your eyes and take a deep breath – and just feel the truth of that statement.  Feel the empowering joy and tranquility of this truth.  Take a few more deep wonderful breaths, and smile.



It’s All Us

“And suddenly you realize: you are in every dot of the universe vanishing and arising.”

~ Amit Ray

Being Who You Are

Being your true, authentic self is a gift.

There is only ONE you...

here in this unique moment in time, 
as your own unique human expression,
currently inhabiting this beautiful and unique living planet. 

Cherish this moment.  Cherish yourself.


The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.

~ Joseph Campbell

Something Sweet to Read to Yourself

I recommend reading it aloud to yourself slowly, three times... because it's so sweet.

I am the infinite deep
In whom all the worlds appear to rise.
Beyond all form, forever still.
So am I

Ashtavakra Gita