Evolve or Dissolve

Evolve or Dissolve


...fWe are in the midst of an amazing event.  Yes, even as our planetary climate is becoming dangerous to human civilization, we humans are being pushed to evolve... or dissolve.  Because out of extreme change and crisis, can come transformation.

For the first time human beings on this planet are becoming able to actually choose our own evolutionary direction.  Why?

Let's take a look at our physical forms.  Our material world is made of stardust.

Scientists and metaphysical thinkers agree that every atom of our bodies are made up of long dead stars...everything on this planet derives it's basic building blocks from exploded stars. And so we could think of ourselves as conscious stardust, dwelling upon a watery globe - in essence, we are the Universe taking human form, and gazing at the night sky, gazing in wonder at... Itself.



That is already an amazing miracle.

But we're not done evolving.  If the human species reacts to our current climatary, political, and spiritual crisis with inspiration, humility and openness... we are on the edge of something wonderful.

what are we becoming?
There is a lot of speculation about our merging with technologies, genetic enhancements, and brain hacking.  But what about our Consciousness?   let's imagine.
Imagine a version of yourself at your kindest and wisest.  Imagine yourself intellectually curious, being open to fresh ideas, and expressing yourself in the most fun and creative way possible.  Imagine yourself with a deep sense of peace and joy, that emanates from within and activates every cell in your body to glow.
Now imagine everyone else in the same way.
imagine a society built by you, and others like you, in this scenario.  This society will be built upon genuine, loving values: compassion, justice, and reverence for our live-giving planet.  Imagine what that society would look like. Imagine a society where allowing species to go extinct is unthinkable, where hoarding of resources by a handful of people is unheard of, where each life is cherished as the rare and beautiful miracle that it represents.


Many thinkers conclude that 

consciousness has arrived through this evolutionary process -

others hold that

consciousness is the force responsible for the evolutionary process.   
Both reasonings may be true...
as the Universe explores itself within this human form.

Does a part of you remember this, in the atoms of your flesh and bones...
in your "spirit" deep within...?

Paintings that delight us, 
Poetry that brings visions, 
Music so beautiful it makes us cry 
Sculpting that amazes us
Weaving that delights
and compassion that reaches across all boundries...
The wonders of science inspire us...
cause us to ever more appreciate this human experience. 

What wonders are we humans capable of creating? 

What you are becoming... right now... is another building block towards our new paradigm of unfathomable beauty.

"Through science, we human beings are able to grasp at least some of nature's secrets. We have cracked part of the cosmic code...We, who are children of the universe - animated stardust - can nevertheless reflect on the nature of that same universe... Through conscious beings the universe has generated self-awareness. This can be no trivial detail, no minor by-product of mindless, purposeless forces. We are truly meant to be here."
~Paul Davies, Cosmologist