Dealing With Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts can paralyze us with fear, or undermine us with doubts, or even cancel out positive beliefs if we let them. Yet, they are a normal part of the human experience, and it appears that we can't completely stop them. They're par for the course in the current evolution of humankind and human society. So don't be surprised when they pop up.

It can be helpful to keep a count of how many times per day you engage in negative self-talk. Now imagine if you had a friend who constantly spoke to you like that; they wouldn't be your friend for long, would they? So, if they're "normal", what can we do about them.

We can remove their power over us. Here's how:

The first way we can neuter negative thoughts is to observe them without reacting. Observe the thought, and be aware that thoughts are not necessarily true.

Further, most negative thoughts are the result of childhood programming or cultural programming -- and they're often not actually your thoughts at all.

Observe the thoughts and say to yourself, "That's an interesting thought. It's not necessarily true, and it probably doesn't even really belong to me. I can choose to own it, or not. I can act on it, or not. I'll set it aside for now and take a few minutes for myself."

And do it. Take a few minutes just for you. Sit in silence (or put on some quiet etheric music), close your eyes, and take a few slow breaths, in through the nose, and out through the mouth. Breathe in joy and gratitude, breathe out negativity, sadness, or anger. If you have an alter and do a practice, or energy work this is a lovely time to do that. If your tradition is earth based, create a protective circle, invoke the four directions and draw a blessing. Give yourself the gift of just 5 minutes a day. You deserve it.

Now that your energy is quiet and vibrant, imagine your dreams as if they've already come true. See yourself joyful, fulfilled and happy. Just hold that image for a moment. Let it bring a smile to your face right now.
This will be enough. Then go on with your day.

This simple exercise, along with the awareness that the thoughts aren't really yours and that they are not necessarily true, will have wonderful results. You'll notice that your count of negative thoughts starts to become less frequent, and when they do come, they have less power over you. You are reclaiming your own mind, listening to your spirit and taking the time to recenter yourself.

Watch what happens as you begin to free yourself from the hold that negative thoughts can have. They may not completely go away, but they become powerless asides, instead of cruel taskmasters.

And  without negative thoughts to hold you back, you'll blossom more than you thought possible.  Watch as you become more and more confident and free - taking back your power.  Discover the limitless YOU.

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