Choosing Your Thoughts

Changing your thoughts changes everything.  

The nature of our thoughts determines the quality of our life.  This is not an overstatement.  Your thoughts will determine whether you are content or discontented,  optimistic or  depressed.  Many times, you will find that simply by having an "attitude of gratitude" and changing your thoughts to focus on your many blessings, will change your entire feeling about your life -- even though the circumstances in your life haven't changed at all.

What did change?  The way you chose to think about your life.

And then, guess what?  Those circumstances begin to change as well.  Why?  because our thoughts lead to actions.

Here are a few ways that we can change our thoughts:

  • Gratitude and Appreciation: These are BIG ones.  By feeling grateful, we energetically open the door to more amazing blessings to arrive in our life.  By appreciating the many joys that surround us, we magnetize ourselves to attract even more joy.  Which leads to more gratitude... and on into a pretty amazing cycle.
  • Affirmations: Affirmations sometimes get a bad rap.  How can repeating positive statements change anything?  It works because our brains are easily entrained, and like gratitude, repeating positive affirmations is similar to a mantra.  Affirmations will change the way you think.
  • Don't Wallow: Sometimes a part of us enjoys the drama of our sadness.  We lay in bed feeling depressed, we mope around with a sad face.  We may be weepy.  While expressing the blues is healthy (you don't want to bottle things up), wallowing is different: it's suffering by choice.
  • Live in the Present: By being present in this moment, Now, we become hyper aware of the beauty of this moment.  Breathe, slowly and deeply.  Listen to the sounds around you.  Notice colors.  Sit in nature. Cherish this moment, because it is truly all we have.  By being very Present,  your thoughts still and form into feelings of awe and gratitude.
  • Move: Do some yoga, take a walk, exercise...get your body moving.  Appreciate the sensation of doing some gentle yoga stretches and feel how your body responds.  Moving releases positive endorphins which will get your mind out of the blues.
  • Stay Playful: Be silly, be childlike, be creative. Sing. Dance.  Let each day be a new adventure.  Break out of old habits that no longer serve you. And laugh!  Look at the funny (or even ironic) side of life.  Cultivate joy and playfulness, and don't waste time brooding. 

This is your precious life... enjoy it, by taking charge of your moods and thoughts.  As you cultivate more positive ways of thinking, you are also entraining your brain in new ways to be.  This in turn affects your health, your well being, your relationships... everything. 

Everything can change for the better, simply by getting retraining your thoughts.

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