Take Care of Yourself

In times of intensity, it's easy to get caught up in caring for everyone except yourself. You know how that works: often you're the primary caregiver for everybody:you're caring for your kids, working too much, and there's always more "stuff" to do. This can put you on a never ending cycle of busy-ness. And then finally you either snap in anger, or collapse, exhausted and unable to move.

That's why it's so very important to take at least a few minutes every day just for you. Every day. 

Every day, upon awakening, think of something new that you're grateful for. This sounds simple, and it is -- but a spirit full of gratitude  gives you a full heart, and magnetises you for good things.  A few grounding deep breathes and a few minutes of meditation every day are gifts you can give yourself. Insist upon these few minutes of Me Time. This will feed your spirit and calm your mind.

Your body needs a bit of love, too. Some simple yoga postures are a gift to your body. Thank it for being your dependable vehicle on this earth by giving it high quality plant based fuels, and doing a bit of stretching each day.

Beyond this. Take a day off. Turn off the phone, avoid media, and enjoy your space. Visit a park, or beach, or forest, or wherever feeds your soul. Enjoy yourself. Listen to music and sing along. Dance. Spend time with loved ones. Take a walk. Sleep. Just enjoy yourself, and on this special day just give yourself the gift of yourself.

These practices will allow you to stay recharged, and with a "full tank" - so you'll have energy to share with others. Loving yourself gives you the energy to love those around you.

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