You Are Infinite – Even In A Culture That Thinks Small

We live in a society that seems to put a huge amount of energy into limiting us; that insists that we are powerless, insignificant, aging, and flawed beings... whose lives would improve if only we bought the latest product!

The motivation is obvious: to get us to think small; to make us think of ourselves as "consumers" and "workers" because consumers are a resource for endless product sales, and workers don't create or dream big: they work to enrich someone else.

But YOU know that you are a unique expression of the Universe; you don't need to accept the role that others try to assign to you. Your imagination knows no limits, and you are, of course, infinite. The body you currently use as your expressive vehicle on this earth is temporary. You are in truth, boundless, limitless -- and none of us knows our full potential yet.

Every day is an opportunity to discover, to expand our love, our wisdom, and your possibilities.. and express yourself in a new way.

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