Don’t Be A Stranger!

Our current western culture is a strange one, distracting us with the latest shiny toy or entertainment... and in the cacophony of so many voices clamoring for our attention, it is easy to forget our quest. Exploring inner realities is often discouraged, and there's so many demands upon our time.

And so when we encounter the Divine, our true Self, we are sometimes caught by such surprise that we don't even recognize our own loving and compassionate Universal Selves, reflected back at us.  

“People are so alienated from their own soul that when they meet their soul they think it comes from another star system.”
~ Terence McKenna

So... don't be a stranger.  Schedule time for meditation, spend some quality alone time, take a moment to look out into the night sky and see your own inner Universe mirrored there.  Breathe in your Divinity,m and breathe out whatever is limiting you.  Go for the adventure of being who you truly are.  Joy is part of the journey; your birthright.  You've chosen this live, to experience yourself as a bit of the Universe in physical form - which is made up of molecules made of stardust.

Live large.  xox