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Are you thinking of relocating. expanding your business, or visiting a new area?  Is your current location the right one to fit your goals? Find out how each location interacts with your personal natal birth chart, revealing potential energies and issues that you’ll experience while in this location.

This report is calculated using your unique natal birth chart placed into each location;  your personal planetary aspects and signs remain the same, but they will all be placed  into different houses, creating all new astrological aspects, thus altering the areas of strongest influence and energies.  The interaction of these aspects gives you a very different experience for differing locations.

Your relocation chart also shows a handy numerical score of topics, such as relationship, inspiration, work, play, health, and creativity — based upon your planets’ relocated house positions

One interesting thing is that you may not have to physically reside at a location to be affected by its energies. You may well find that areas where you do a lot of business, or where loved ones reside, can impact you as you interact with people there. In the era of electronic world travel, you may not need to go out of your door to find your different relocation charts working for you.

The Relocation report interprets the signs on the angles of the relocation chart, planets on the angles, paran latitude lines, and current transits and progressions to the relocation chart.

This report can be run for your current location (if different than your location of birth), as a comparison to your new potential location — or for any place you are interested in relocating to, either permanently or for travel.

Cost shown is for 1 location.  Need more locations?  Add them here!

Please note: The astrological energies of locations within about 30 miles of each other will be about the same. You do not need to order an extra location for towns very close together.
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