Astrological Report Package: Childhood Package



This package contains two reports: one natal report, and one child report; two different ways of understanding the psychological, physical and soul energy of your child.  The child report covers the best ways to nurture your child based upon her/his unique natal chart, karmic connection with one or both parent figures, the best way to help your child express their true nature, and even health strengths and challenges according to the child’s natal chart.

This package is wonderful for gaining insight into the unique spiritual and personality energies of your child, helping you approach them with love and support instead of judgement.  It’s a lovely gift for any new parent, and also for parents who wish to understand the motivations of their pubescent or teenage child.

This package is also quite enlightening for adults to order for themselves.  If ordering this package using your own birthdate, you may think of it as an “inner child” report, as well as a snapshot of your childhood personality and unique strengths and challenges.  This report will help you get in touch with your child-self, and understand the ways in which your caregivers helped or possibly hindered your uniquely genuine self expression.  Understanding the karmic connections you have with your parents (or parental figures) can give great insight into your adult relationships,  offering a deeper understanding of your own childhood and subsequent maturing process.

Although advanced computing is used to provide precise astrological aspects, much of this package is compiled manually with intuitive notations; please allow 2-3 days for delivery.

Once you’ve ordered this report, please go here to enter birth data.



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