Astrological Report Package: Relationship, Karmic Deep Dive Package



What are the strengths and challenges of your relationships?  Does this relationship contain a karmic element, and if so, how can it best be addressed?  The Deep Dive Relationship Package can be used for romantic partnerships, business relationships, friendships, and parent-child relations.  Use this package to explore and understand the dynamics of any relationship.

Understanding the karmic aspects of your relationships can lead to a much more conscious, active approach to any challenges, allowing advanced growth from situations that could otherwise lead to conflict and increased karma.

Harmonic growth can become far more likely when we have insight into the soul-level of our attractions, partnerships, and family connections. 

Having this information can allow us to bring grace and harmony into old karmic situations, potentially healing long-lasting issues that have held us back throughout multiple incarnations.

This package contains a graphic natal chart for both parties, a graphic composite chart for the relationship itself, a karmic report for each of the two parties, and a report on the personality interaction between both in this particular lifetime.

Although advanced computing is used to provide precise astrological aspects, much of this package is compiled manually with intuitive notations; please allow 2-3 days for delivery.

Once you’ve ordered this package, please go here to enter the birth data for both people.


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