Be Kind to Yourself

Are you aware of your own self-talk?  Are you as kind and forgiving to yourself as you are to others?

Try this exercise adapted from Louise Hay: Look in a mirror, and simply say to yourself, "I love you.  I really love you."  Your inner child may have been waiting to hear these words for a long, long time.  You may feel self-conscious or silly at first, but say it again.  And while you're at it, express gratitude for the things that work so well in your body.  "I love how my heart works non-stop pumping live-giving oxygen rich blood to every part of my body!"  Express gratitude for being here, for being present in this moment, and for your health and well-being.  Feel it.  

Give yourself the gift of self-acceptance and self-love.  After all, you are a wondrous miracle: a body made of stardust and an infinite spirit!   

Now look at how you treat yourself.  Many of us over-work and over-commit.  Are you sleeping enough?  How's your nutrition and exercise?  Give yourself a little time each day to just BE.  Feel yourself alive and in this present moment.  Feel the gratitude for your life,  your relationships, and your journey of self-discovery.

Be kind to yourself; you deserve nothing less.

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