Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no storm, no difficulties, no negativity. Instead, it means to be centered and calm in the midst of the storm...-

Where are you right now? In the silent powerful center, or in the chaos of the whirling storm? And if you're not in peace - what can you do?

If you find yourself getting sucked into the storm, take a few deep breaths, slow and deep. Feel your connection to the Universal Source. You might even speak aloud to yourself, something like, "in this moment, I remember that I am a part of the One, that's always here, and always now. This Universal Self always IS. I was a part of this Source before I was born into this life, and I will remain a part of it beyond this life. I remain open to my Highest Expression of Divine Universal Being, here in the center of the storm..." Take a few more slow, deep breaths and feel yourself pulling in life-giving energy with each breath. Notice how your sense of peace returns.

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