Is Coaching “Better” Than Random Sessions?

I get this question frequently, because there are a couple of different ways that people use my services. And there is no "one answer".  Here's why:

Some people schedule a skype reading every so often.  Others check in whenever they feel a need of a sound balancing session  or an energetic "tune-up" and then continue on with their normal lives. Others want a skype reading only when they face a challenging decision, and the rest of the time don't check in at all.

Others, though, are looking for a transformation. For them, having a coach and a regular schedule for working through the layers of awakening is extremely helpful. A coach will hold you accountable, while also giving you encouragement (and sometimes, assignments). You won't have the luxury of spacing out and refusing to do the work, because you have a session in which your coach will ask about your progress. You can experience powerful transformation with a coach, far faster than you can on your own.

So, neither of them are "better". It all depends upon what you want to do! And you can change your technique anytime you want. Your future is all in your hands.

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