Evolution of Universal Consciousness

How long might it have taken for a soul to remember that it is actually the Universe in physical form?

It could span countless years, countless lifetimes... In some times and cultures, this knowledge would be severely punished, as it turns the old hierarchy of religion on it's head.

It could look like this...

  • Believing in Gods/Goddesses controlling everything. Praying to these deities, depending upon the culture into which you were born.
  • Going through a time when you secretly doubt your Gods/Goddesses, but continue to follow the cultural norms with regards to religion.
  • Going through a time where you "lose faith" in the Gods/Goddesses of your culture, and become agnostic.
  • Starting to feel connected to "something"...perhaps not naming it at all... but increasingly trusting it nevertheless.
  • Falling in love with the Universe, as it leads you through intuition and synchronicity to expand your consciousness more..
  • Realizing that "the Universe" was You, all along. 🙂